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latedaparttwo's Journal

4 August
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I am a 44 year old who just had her 4th child in March of 2010. I feel like a brand new mother at times as my other children are in their 20's.

I work for the great corporate giant Dennys since August of 2002. I only work 2 days a week now since having the baby and I love that. No stress no pressure. Work is enjoyable for once and not all about the money.

I live with the father of this baby. His name is Miguel and something that started out kinda casual has turned into a huge part of my life. When times are good they are the best and when times are bad they are the worst but we are trying to make it work the best we can and I do consider him in the end apart of my family and something I never want to live without. He is a confirmed bachelor after all, never been married and this is his first child. I believe that any man that can clean up your vomit and Amniotic fluid before and after child birth is a keeper. Oh yeah and he cooks too.

My children are as follows Aaron 23, Ashley 22, Parker 21 and Isabella born March of 2010. I love each of them more than life.

My father passed away in 2005 from a long bout with cancer. I miss him more than I have words for especially now that I have a new child. I just keep saying he still sees her and knows about her. My faith tells me so.

I have an unshakeable belief in Jesus Christ and God and that is nuff said about that.